Best Family Cars

Nowadays, the often-preferred family vehicle is the SUV, but there are sedans and other types of vehicles that can suit your needs as well. It all depends on your expectations and lifestyle. If you carpool often, a minivan might be best, or a pickup truck might do if you crave an outdoor life. If you’re looking for pre-owned cars near Los Angeles, here are some of the best family vehicles on the market today:

Honda CR-V

A sleek, compact SUV, the CR-V has a large interior with fold-down seats, yielding 76 cubic feet of cargo space. The vehicle has a powerful turbocharged engine, responsive handling, and safety features. Adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping assist are included. It’s also a fuel-efficient car, getting 30 mpg combined, saving you cash at the pump.

Volvo XC60

A family-oriented luxury SUV that’s sharp-looking and modern. It even integrates booster seats in the second row, as an option, and offers two adjustable heights for children older than three. The vehicle also offers four-zone climate control, while the front seats have a massage function. And as would be expected in a Volvo, safety features are abundant and include lane steering assistance.

Honda Accord

Considered by many the benchmark family car, the Accord is high in quality outside and inside. The sedan’s back seat is roomy, accommodating large child seats. Its trunk is also large enough to pack away luggage for the entire family. A fuel-efficient engine, sharp handling, and an array of standard advanced safety features also give the Honda Accord its appeal.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Known as a family luxury car for some time, it comes with standard all-wheel drive. It’s cargo space rivals that of a compact SUV, at 64 cubic feet. Along with the latest safety and automation technology, the E-Class sports three-zone climate control, advanced air filtration, and sound and infrared light absorbing windows, making it safe and comfortable for all during those long road trips.

Honda Odyssey

The minivan not only is equipped with a 280 hp V6 engine; it has convenient sideways-sliding second-row seats, which can be moved to be grouped side-by-side or to create a center aisle. The EX trim offers seating for eight passengers. Even higher trims include an in-cabin camera, so you can watch the kids from the driver’s seat. In addition, the Odyssey ranks well on fuel economy, reaching 22 mpg combined.

Ram 1500

Pickup trucks aren’t typically associated with family travel, but the Ram 1500 takes this leap. Reclining rear seats provide added comfort, while a coil-spring rear suspension allows a softer ride and precision control when cornering (an air suspension is optional). In addition to comfort, the Ram offers 11,500 pounds of towing capacity, so you can haul large toys, bikes, and boats. You can even change lanes safely with a full load thanks to the blind-spot monitoring system.

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When to Buy a New Car

Buying a new car is a big decision. If you keep procrastinating, you might miss out on the perfect vehicle. But knowing when to buy a new car can save you a lot.

The best time to jump in is when you need it. You’re not going to benefit by waiting if you need a car to commute, travel, or accommodate your family. We’ll assume that, like most people, you’re planning ahead, and can benefit from these tips on choosing the best times to purchase a brand new car.

They include:

At the Start/End of the Model Year

Dealerships often create incentives to get business when new models come out. Nowadays, new car models are released year-round. You can find out when a specific model will be launched by calling the dealership, going to auto shows, and doing more general research. If a big discount is more important than having the latest model, shop at the end of the model year, but do your homework as you might miss out on improvements and favorable modifications.

Just Before a Model Is Discontinued

If you know the manufacturer is going to discontinue a particular model, there’s an opportunity to take advantage of a discount. This method does sometimes have cons though. The vehicle might depreciate more quickly, while the manufacturer may have a reason for discontinuing the model, such as performance or reliability issues that can impact your experience.

During Major Holidays

You might notice more car commercials around Black Friday, Memorial Day, or the Fourth of July. That’s because dealerships and car manufacturers tend to offer better deals during those times, such as cashback incentives and special financing. Bear in mind dealerships can get very crowded then. It, therefore, helps to research ahead of time; take a test drive if you can and complete other preparations, so it’s possible to close the deal at the right time.

On a Lucky Day

You might not get a great deal just because you wake up feeling confident. But the day you choose to go can matter. During the weekend, dealerships are busier, but early in the week, when everyone else is at work, you may have more time to negotiate. At the end of the month, car dealerships are under pressure to meet sales quotas. They’ll offer deals to get customers to buy so enough cars can be sold. However, December is often the best time to buy a new car; sometimes you’ll even notice big discounts as early as October and November.

These are the best times to find car discounts. But deals can appear any time of the year, so it’s important to keep looking if you’re planning to buy a new car. If you’re timing is right, you can end up saving thousands of dollars. Also, sharpen your negotiating skills. Once you do this, you can find more opportunities to talk down the price.

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Common Used Car Scams

The pre-owned vehicle market has proliferated and given many people opportunities to enjoy features and luxuries they otherwise couldn’t. Dealerships offering certified pre-owned cars, guarantees, and even financing are quite dependable. Still, there are used car scams, particularly if you’re buying from a potentially unscrupulous seller. 

Buying a car, new or used, should be a joyous occasion. The last thing you should worry about is being ripped off or sold a lemon. You can still have a hassle-free car buying experience if you just outfit yourself with some common sense and stay informed of current used car scams. 

Learn more about CarWorld’s extensive inventory, schedule a test drive, or apply for financing by visiting our used car dealership or calling us at 833-219-9951 today.

Here are some behaviors and red flags you should be on the lookout for if you’re in the market to buy a used or pre-owned vehicle. 

  • The Seller Admits It Needs Something – If you see a used car listing and the seller states the vehicle needs Freon or an A/C recharge, they’re admitting the air conditioner doesn’t work. An AC low on refrigerant likely has a leak. The only way refrigerant will stay in the system, even if you add it, is if the leak is permanently repaired, which can be expensive.
  • Odometer Tampering – A used car’s mileage has a significant impact on its value. Some sellers try to change the reading on the odometer. In the past, mechanical odometers could be reversed by putting the car in reverse with the back wheels raised. Nowadays, digital odometers can be manipulated as well. To spot odometer fraud, check for wear on seats, the steering wheel, or brake pedal or look up the vehicle’s Carfax report and service records.
  • Title Washing – Any vehicle damaged in a collision, flood, or fire and restored is given a salvage title; purchasing one is always a risk. For example, a car previously flooded out may run well for a while, but parts exposed to floodwaters are likely to wear out more quickly. Scammers may “wash” the salvage title by registering the vehicle in a different state where DMV officials are less likely to notice salvage-title markings. To spot this scam, review its history of title transfers and its Carfax report.
  • The Dealer Is Pretending Not to Be a Dealer – The seller might meet you at a parking lot or curb, which is why this scam is called curbstoning. You may or may not be ripped off. However, the title may be in another person’s name than the seller, or the bill of sale may not list an actual name (just “Seller”). You may even be taken to a dealership for someone else to handle the paperwork. There are many reasons someone may try to sell a vehicle this way, but be wary because sometimes they’re trying to get rid of cars no dealership would sell.
  • You Hear a Common Punchline – If a used car seller says something like “it ran when it was parked”, this raises a red flag. People who shop for used cars hear this. Such language is often followed by indication the car needs a starter, alternator or something that can be fixed for a reasonable price—considering replacing it would significantly increase the selling price of the car. This would make sense for someone serious about making a sale. The likely scenario is the seller doesn’t want to bother figuring out the cause of the problem or with fixing it.

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Used Cars Online

Buying a used car is different than purchasing a brand-new vehicle. In person, you can visually inspect the car, look under the hood, and take it for a test drive. Leaks, dents, and evidence of extensive auto bodywork are often quite evident. When you sit in the vehicle, you can get a feel for it and try out all the features. However, you can’t do any of these things online.

Not that you shouldn’t search for cars online, that’s just fine. Kind of like window shopping on the web. You can get a feel for what inventory used car dealerships have and then itemize your top choices. But there are some situations you can’t plan for while shopping for cars online, especially used cars. 

Learn more about CarWorld’s extensive inventory, schedule a test drive, or apply for financing by visiting our physical dealership or calling us at 833-219-9951 today.

Here is why it’s best to NOT buy used cars online: 

  • You Don’t Know the Condition of the Car  – When you’re shopping for a particular make, model, and year, you can expect pretty much the same from one new car to another. But the condition of one used car to another can vary greatly. It depends on how the previous owner maintained the vehicle and kept it clean. Hidden damage from previous accidents and/or floods can be problematic as well.
  • The Photos May Not Be Accurate – Even if a used car is listed with photos, you can’t prove these are decent shots of the vehicle you’re looking for. Stock photos are commonly uploaded. You might not know the vehicle’s true condition or exterior or interior color. Once you see the car in person, it might not be the same make or model you saw online.
  • No Face-to-Face Interaction with Salespeople – Some used car salesmen have a bad rap; others are honest and helpful. When interacting face-to-face, you can ask questions and gauge the individual’s honesty from cues such as verbal tones and facial expressions. Online, it can be hard to determine reputability or if the party you’re in touch with is truthful.
  • Delivery Hassles – If you buy a used car online, you can’t drive it off the lot. It might be several weeks before you receive the vehicle. There may be additional delays due to paperwork, state DMV documentation, and shipping issues. The used car site may also charge shipping fees, oftentimes the entire cost of shipping. Plus, any limited guarantee the car comes with might expire before it’s delivered to you.
  • Compliance with State Regulations – You don’t always know what state the car is coming from. The used vehicle may come from Pennsylvania, but if you live in California, it may not comply with the state’s stringent emissions standards. It’s therefore important to do your research, as each state regulates automobiles in a different way and has different documentation requirements.
  • It’s More Difficult to Manage Problems – Used car dealerships often include warranties and service packages. Not only is it less likely these will be available with your online auto purchase, but it’s harder to find someone to help resolve a problem if it occurs. Finding a representative to complain to or start the process of fixing the issue can be hard. On the other hand, having a local representative to speak with makes things simpler.

Shop for Used Cars at CarWorld

Buying a used car is much simpler when you do so locally. You never know when an online seller is hiding something, especially if they don’t provide detailed pictures from all angles or refuse to provide a vehicle history report. At CarWorld in Hawthorne, CA, we employ a safe and sound process for buying used cars. Each vehicle is carefully inspected, inside and out, before it is made available on our lot. 

Learn more about CarWorld’s extensive inventory, schedule a test drive, or apply for financing by visiting our physical dealership or calling us at 833-219-9951 today.

toy lemon car

Understanding California Lemon Laws

A car is one of the most expensive items people buy. When you purchase a new, or even used car, you expect it to run properly and not have any functional issues that weren’t previously disclosed to the car buyer. But what if there are mechanical problems or safety issues? If your brand-new car breaks down, is there any way to get your money back?

California Lemon Law, introduced in 1970 with the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, protects anyone who buys or leases a motor vehicle if a serious defect cannot be repaired by the dealer or manufacturer. Under California lemon law, the manufacturer must replace or repurchase a vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts to repair it are made. It applies to cars, vans, SUVs, pickup trucks, motorhomes, and vehicles intended for business or family, personal, or household use.

For the duration of the warranty period, California Lemon Law guidelines apply to any issue that impairs the value, use, or safety of a vehicle. The problem must be discovered within 18 months or 18,000 miles of a purchase/lease. In addition, the law applies to used cars that are still covered under the original warranty.

How Do California Lemon Laws Work?

Some of the basics of California Lemon Law include:

  • Replacement: A manufacturer must replace the vehicle or refund your money. The choice is yours, although the car manufacturer can charge you for the mileage you accrued. For example, 5% can be deducted from the original price if you drove the defective car 6,000 miles.
  • Repair: A “reasonable” number of repair attempts are allowed. An exact number isn’t defined, but the general assumption is that four attempts are reasonable. However, in the case of faulty brakes and other potentially life-threatening issues, this goes down to two attempts.
  • Arbitration: Many manufacturers participate in the Arbitration Certification Program, run by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. A consumer can elect to choose arbitration, in which a neutral third-party decides if a reasonable number of repair attempts have been made. The arbitrator can also determine the type of award to grant them.

What Kinds of Damages Can Be Awarded if You Buy a Lemon?

Awards are generally determined by an arbitrator and considered on a case-by-case basis. The award granted may be a replacement vehicle, additional repair attempt, or refund of the price of the car. You may also be reimbursed for towing, rental cars, and other incidental expenses. In some cases, a manufacturer may award an extended service contract or reimburse attorney fees.

Can Manufacturers Fight Lemon Laws?

Manufacturers have a say in whether a consumer can invoke California Lemon Law. They can claim the vehicle problem was caused by abuse or other consumer actions. The law doesn’t apply here—only to pre-existing defects in the vehicle itself. Also, the dealer can claim the vehicle’s warranty doesn’t cover the problem. Therefore, it’s wise to have a complete copy of the warranty and read and understand it. The manufacturer/dealer can also say there weren’t enough opportunities to resolve the issue. To deal with this, keep all records of service and repairs performed on the vehicle.

Find Low-Mileage, Trouble-Free Used Cars at CarWorld

At CarWorld, we offer a large selection of high-quality pre-owned vehicles, each which undergoes a multi-point inspection by our master service technicians. Our buy here, pay here dealership offers some of the best prices in the area and sells only showroom-ready models. Working with various lenders and banks, we can finance your vehicle whether you have bad credit or no credit at all.

Buying a lemon can really sour your year. Luckily CarWorld has the largest selection of luxury used cars that are in tip-top shape and in perfect condition. 

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How to Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit

You need a new car. However, your credit score is not as high as it could be. Is it still possible to get a car loan? Yes, but the monthly payments may be higher. A car loan may not be out of reach, and you could find one that works within your monthly budget.

In fact, getting a car loan and paying it consistently can help improve your credit. These tips can help you achieve this even with a low credit score:

Check Your Credit

Start early by checking your credit reports and scores. If you’re planning on purchasing a vehicle in the future, work on improving your credit score. Pay the bills on time and pay off missed or late payments. By reducing your debt as much as possible, you can improve your credit utilization ratio (it’s best to keep it under 30%). If you find any errors or inaccuracies in your credit report, contact a credit bureau such as Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion.

Do Your Research

Understand key terms such as the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and look into the typical APRs for cars and auto loans like the one you’re considering. Also, research auto lenders, some which serve people with poor credit. The interest rates may be higher, but you can possibly afford to get the car you want without waiting. Experian even works with select auto lenders to help people with bad credit.

Shop Around for Lenders

Don’t stop looking after finding just one lender. There are many kinds, and you may find multiple lenders competing for your business if you do it right. Visit at least three different lenders, but don’t draw out the process. Hard credit checks over time can make negotiating the terms of a loan difficult, as each credit check shows you’re preparing to take on more debt.

Save Up for a Down Payment

If you can put a reasonable sum down on a car loan, you might get better interest rates, pay less monthly, or shorten the term of the loan. A down payment also enables the lender to weight the risk of lending you money, even if you have poor credit. Your efforts at saving may also improve your odds of getting approved.

Get Pre-Qualified

Start searching for a loan with your bank or credit union. There may be more wiggle room for negotiation. Banks often turn down people with poor credit scores. But make some contacts at your bank and someone might be willing to work with you. Credit unions may be more likely to approve you for a loan, so it can help to become a member.

Other ways to get a car loan with bad credit include:

  • Don’t sign off on the loan unless the terms are final; otherwise, your monthly payments or down payment may increase later.
  • Get a cosigner on the loan; if they have a better credit score, they can guarantee the lender they’ll pay the debt if you don’t.
  • Find a buy here, pay here dealer; these dealers finance car purchases and tend to be quite flexible if you agree to their terms.

Get Financed at CarWorld

CarWorld is a premier buy here, pay here used car dealer in Hawthorne, CA. We sell high-quality, low-mileage vehicles inspected to ensure they’re in great condition—and can help finance your purchase. Our convenient financing options are easy to apply for. For the best prices in the region and assistance with financing, visit our dealership or call 833-219-9951.

girl holding wheel of her new car

Why Millennials Should Buy Used Cars

Millennials are buying fewer cars compared to previous generations, but many do have an interest in the auto industry. They often live in urban areas, so don’t need a car, and perhaps don’t earn a high enough income or are more careful with their money. However, data shows millennials are generally interested in driving, but many wait longer to get a license and buy a car. 

Younger car buyers are often looking for luxury brands, not the ones their parents drive. Being image-conscious and saving money don’t go hand-in-hand. Mazda, Chevrolet, and Ford are brands that fit their personalities and come at a lower price tag, but even higher-end models such as the BMW 1-series, Mercedes CLA, or Audi A3 are often considered suitable.

Millennials often look for expert answers and word-of-mouth recommendations, taking time to do research and make careful decisions. Given the safety and reliability of today’s used cars, and the savings associated with buying a pre-owned vehicle, one would think buying a used car would appeal to the younger consumer.

The perks of buying a used car include:

Affordability – Used cars are more affordable than new models. In fact, you can get more for your money, without paying for dealership add-ons. With the same budget, a broader set of features is available, and you can also get a higher trim level. Plus, the monthly payments can be more affordable, while insurance premiums may be lower. 

Also consider the value of the car. An automobile’s value drops considerably as soon as it is driven off the lot, not to mention after a year or two. With depreciation, you can end up owing more than what the car is worth; if you sell the vehicle later, it helps to owe less than the value. That way, it’s easier to sell a car if you move, change careers, or start a family.

Information – When shopping around for a used car, there are a lot of research materials to glean from. Millennials tend to be computer-savvy. Research tools such as CARFAX® enable shoppers to check on the history of a vehicle. You can see whether it had past accidents, flood damage, or extensive repairs. Just enter the car’s Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, to acquire information. Knowing if you’re getting a quality used car is perhaps the most important factor in making a buying decision.

Safety and Reliability – These days, cars are built to last. To say use cars aren’t dependable is a myth. And considering many are just two or three years old, and previous owners might have leased them and kept them in good shape, reliability is often not a concern. A used car may ride just as well as a new one. Recent model years also have many of the safety features today’s vehicles have, including airbags, backup cameras, and some driver assistance functions. And dealerships that sell used vehicles carefully inspect each model before putting it on their lot, ensuring it is road-ready and that minor issues are fixed.

Shop at CarWorld for the Best in Luxury Used Cars

Our inventory of pre-owned vehicles includes those from major brands like Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, and Honda. Each has undergone a multi-point inspection by our on-site service department. We also offer financing regardless of your credit history or lack thereof. A variety of financing options are available.

To speak to a representative or schedule a visit or road test, call us at 833-219-9951, or feel free to visit our dealership in person at 11916 Prairie Avenue in Hawthorne, CA.


Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Reliability, dependability, and great features—these are traits you’d expect in a new car. But did you know you can get pretty much the same deal with a used car, and pay less? Today’s motor vehicles are built to last and buying even a two- or three-year-old vehicle can leave you with many years of enjoyment.

Buying a used car equals huge savings. Aside from costing less than new cars (by as much as 50%), used vehicles also save you financing fees because you can pay one off faster. You also get more for your money. What you can budget for a new one can be put towards the next trim level up.

Also, a new car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot. It can be thousands of dollars less by the time you get home. Jump in later and you can save a bundle. By purchasing a used car in Hawthorne, you can see the following benefits:

Fewer Costs

Buying a used car can also save you with:

  • No exaggerated fees: New cars can come with shipping, destination, dealer preparation, and even hidden advertising fees.
  • Lower customization costs: If you buy a used vehicle, the dealer won’t try to sell you expensive add-ons; you can even install them yourself for less.
  • Lower registration fees: Registration rates are usually higher during a car’s first three years; in most states, fees are based on model year and the car’s value.

For the BEST used car selection at the lowest prices, contact  CarWorld today: (833) 219-9951

 Other Benefits to Buying a Used Car Besides Affordability

Lower Insurance Premiums – You do not need gap insurance for a used car, as it has already depreciated. Gap insurance, which covers the difference between what the car is worth at the time of an accident and when you purchased it, raises your premium. Since you don’t need it, your monthly insurance payments will be lower.

Environmental Conservation – Buying a used car can reduce carbon dioxide output. That’s because a quarter of the CO2 it produces is via the manufacturing process and during shipment. Also, the lead-acid, lithium-ion, and nickel-metal hydride batteries in newer hybrid vehicles can become toxic waste. Most used cars don’t have this kind of environmental impact.

Thorough Inspections – A two- or three-year-old car is still relatively new, but used vehicles are thoroughly inspected and refurbished. Multi-point inspections spot any problems that need to be fixed before resale. The dealer can ensure the high quality of the vehicle so you can drive away with peace of mind. If you’re concerned about previous issues, you can always ask for a vehicle history report to determine whether the car is worth buying.

Warranty – In many cases, used cars still are still covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty. Oftentimes an extended manufacturer’s warranty is available, so you have access to quality parts, speed service, and factory-trained technicians. Used car warranties may provide coverage up to 100,000 miles, sometimes more, providing additional savings.

Longevity – Cars can last a long time and take on more mileage than ever before. You may get 100,000, 200,000, or more miles out of a used car. If the inspection checks out, there is no reason why you shouldn’t expect a used vehicle to last for many years.

Buy a Used Vehicle at CarWorld Today! 

 For the BEST used car selection at the lowest prices, contact  CarWorld today: (833) 219-9951

One of southern California’s largest buy here, pay here dealerships, CarWorld has hundreds of vehicles for sale, so you can enjoy the benefits of owning a used Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz. Each vehicle is carefully inspected, and we offer unbeatable financing. Call 833-219-9951 to learn more or visit us in Hawthorne today.


Myths About Used Cars

The used car market is thriving, but there are still myths about pre-owned vehicles that just aren’t true. Despite the stigmas, a well-maintained used car may look and feel like new. We’ve compiled a list of some common myths right here.

  • The Car Must Be Defective – Most likely, the previous buyer didn’t trade in the vehicle because of its reliability. People choose to downsize to smaller vehicles for various reasons. Perhaps the seller wants a larger vehicle to accommodate their expanding family. If you’re concerned about the quality of the vehicle, check its vehicle history report for evidence of accidents, floods, or fire damage. Overall, used cars are very reliable as automobiles are now built to last many years.
  • It’s Better to Invest in a New Car – Not really, especially when you consider a car can lose 20% of its value in the first year, and 60% within five years. Given the reliability of used cars, you can get a substantial amount of time out of one, while enjoying more for less. Also, your budget can be used to up the trim level or add features you could not otherwise afford.
  • Used Cars Aren’t as Safe – If you’re buying a used car that’s just a few years old, it will have airbags (even side airbags), anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, safety belt pretensioners, and other safety features. That is unless you’re looking into a pre-1970s classic or antique car. 

For the BEST used car selection at the lowest prices, contact  CarWorld today: (833) 219-9951

 Are great used cars hard to find? 

Certainly not! At CarWorld, you will find high-quality, major brand used cars. Each has been carefully inspected by our experienced service technicians to ensure they are road ready. We offer convenient financing, regardless of your credit history, from many area banks and lenders, and can get you pre-approved in minutes. Here are some more things to look out for when buying a used car from a dealer other than CarWorld.

  • It’s a Gas Guzzler – Cars have become more fuel-efficient, and a used one that’s a few years old should be efficient. Especially if it’s been maintained properly. The type of engine affects fuel use; for example, V6 engines aren’t as efficient as 2.4 L engines. Age isn’t the biggest factor when you consider a car’s fuel economy. 
  • It Must Be Paid for in Cash – Auto financing is available for purchasing used cars as it is for new ones. Financing always requires you to pay interest, but paying in cash generally won’t give you a better deal. The amount you put down up-front depends on the dealership. If they’re asking for a lot, then they’re probably trying to make as much money as possible and might not be in business long.
  • Your Credit Must Be Perfect – If the used car dealership offers financing, chances are they’re less concerned with how great your credit is than a bank would be. At CarWorld, we offer our own financing program so you can buy here, pay here at our Hawthorne dealership. Obtaining financing for your car can even help improve your credit score, as your on-time payments will be tracked by credit bureaus.
  • Used Cars Are Not Warrantied – Only if you buy it from a private seller. If you purchase a used vehicle from a dealer, you will probably get a warranty similar to the one you’d get with a new car. You can, therefore, be covered for maintenance, parts, and repairs over a certain period of time.

For the BEST used car selection at the lowest prices, contact  CarWorld today: (833) 219-9951

To learn more, trade-in your vehicle, schedule a test drive, and view our latest inventory, call 833-219-9951 or visit our dealership at 11916 Prairie Ave. in Hawthorne.


When and Where to Buy New Tires

Unless you work within the automobile industry, or are a car aficionado, chances are you don’t spend your days thinking about tires or tire prices. Even still, if you own a car, buying new tires is an inescapable chore. When you consider that your safety weighs heavily on the quality of your tires, then you start to view buying tires as an investment, rather than an expense.

When Do You Need to Buy New Tires?

Let’s face it, tires aren’t cheap! Few people actually enjoy buying a new set of tires, but it may be time to update your tread. So how can you tell when you need to buy new tires? There are a few telltale signs that it is time to replace your tires.


Wear & Tear: When it comes to tire replacement, there is a discrepancy between what car manufacturers and tire companies suggest. Car dealers generally recommend that you replace your tires every six years, while tire manufacturers advocate for every ten years. Keep in mind that there are specific tire replacement guidelines that are offered by the brand of tire you buy as well.

The Tire Penny Test: Sounds a little whacky, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. Grab a penny, and with Lincoln’s head facing down, insert the penny into the tread on your tires (see picture above). If the rubber DOES NOT cover at least half of Lincoln’s face, then your tires need to be replaced. Repeat this around the circumference of each tire to check for the depths of the tread on your tires.

Tread Wear Indicator: Did you know that your tires have a ‘wear and tear’ indicator built into the design? These cleverly placed bars are virtually invisible when the tires are brand new, but gradually start to appear as the tread wears down. If these bars start to become visible and appear on one or more of your tires, then it is time to start shopping for new tires.

For the BEST used car selection at the lowest prices, contact CarWorld today: (833) 219-9951

How to Buy the Best Tires at a Fair Price

Just like buying a new mattress, tires are a commitment. Choose wisely, or it could haunt you in the long-term. When pricing new tires you shouldn’t aim too low. Now, that isn’t to say there aren’t good deals on quality tires out there, but this is one instance when “get what you pay for” rings true.

Try buying tires online. Sounds a bit odd, but you may find more affordable tires online. Same brands, just minus the installation fee. Secret shoppers reported that Amazon had the best prices on new tires. If you are to choose the online option for buying tires, you’ll need to do your homework and read the reviews extensively. The only drawback about buying tires online is that you don’t have a sales associate there to answer all of your questions. You may be getting a bargain, but you’ll have to be dead-set on the exact type of tire you are aiming to buy. Other places that have been known for having affordable tires is Costco and Walmart.

Did your old tires treat you right? Consider buying the same brand of tire that you used to have, especially if they were good to you while they lasted. If your old tires kept you safe, hugged the road, and lasted you a long time, then they were probably the right tires for you. You might not need different tires, just new tires. There is nothing wrong with sticking to the familiar if you had a good experience with that tire brand.

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