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Used Mercedes-Benz for Sale in Hawthorne, CA


As you’d expect from the area’s premier “buy here, pay here” auto dealership, CARWORLD offers used cars from the world’s premier auto brands — including Mercedes-Benz. Used Mercedes-Benz models have a well-earned reputation for being the best used cars for sale in Hawthorne and around the globe, and we’re proud to stock some of the brand’s most in-demand used SUVs and cars. Of course, we’re just as proud of our customer service. Whether you’re buying a used Mercedes-Benz or any other vehicle, you deserve to be treated with honesty and respect, and at CARWORLD, you are.

So come experience the CARWORLD difference today!


If you’ve ever wanted to drive an incredible Mercedes-Benz for yourself, checking the used-car marketplace can make a lot of sense. After all, these precision-engineered machines are built to last for years, and used Mercedes-Benz models tend to be thousands of dollars less expensive than their brand-new counterparts. That adds up to a huge value for savvy shoppers who want to enjoy more luxury for less money.

For further affordability, we combine fair-market pricing with smart financing that’s easy to come by regardless of your credit history. Our in-house finance solutions — where we’re the bank, and we carry the contracts — can even help us structure deals for customers with no credit, past repossessions, and prior bankruptcies. Do you rely on cash or SSI for your income? We can finance you then, too, and we’ve even got you covered if you drive for Uber or Lyft. Simply put, if we can’t finance you, no one can.

We also have a trusted network of outside lenders who are at your service with creative credit options.

There’s further good news for folks who want to trade in their old cars — or just sell them to us outright: We’ll give you a guaranteed offer of at least $1,000 for almost any clunker you can push, pull, or tow into our dealership (please see us for complete details).

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There’s nothing quite like a Mercedes-Benz, and the brand’s used models stand out even when compared to the other used luxury cars for sale in Hawthorne. For example, Mercedes-Benz supplies advanced safety systems that can promote peace of mind with the ability to help — and in some cases take over for — drivers in certain hazardous situations. (These technologies are not meant as a substitute for the driver’s own attention to the road, however.) As for the brand’s remarkable infotainment systems, those can be activated just by saying, “Hey, Mercedes.” And the brand’s lavish luxuries speak for themselves! (Note that exact features may vary by model and model year.)

  • The brand’s used SUVs and cars can come equipped with Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment technology that supports natural voice recognition, large touchscreens, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, WiFi compatibility, Bluetooth, rear entertainment displays, wireless charging, full-color navigation, and Burmester 4D sound systems for immersive listening experiences.
  • Eye-friendly assistance also includes reconfigurable digital driver displays, night-vision systems, and head-up displays that can incorporate augmented-reality content.
  • Mercedes-Benz puts a spotlight on sophisticated driver assistance with available technologies such as automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, cross-wind assistance, driver-attention alert, blind-spot monitoring, evasive steering assistance, and automatic parking assistance.
  • For the lavish luxury you’ve always dreamed of, look for used Mercedes-Benz models with genuine wood, quilted leather heated/ventilated seats, hot-stone-style massage functionality, air-purifying in-cabin fragrance systems, signature LED lighting, panoramic sunroofs, hands-free access, retractable door handles, real carbon fiber, and so much more.
  • Mercedes-Benz is currently electrifying the luxury-car segments with a growing range of EVs that will be impressing future used-car shoppers with fantastic efficiency and awe-inspiring elegance.


You’ll notice from one quick glance at our inventory — whether you check us out in-person or online — that we have one of the largest selections of used cars for sale in Hawthorne. And that’s in addition to the many models we stock at our Montclair facility. As a result, we can make it easy for you to find a used Mercedes-Benz that you’ll love. Another thing to keep in mind is that even though Mercedes-Benz is an exclusive automaker that doesn’t worry about selling millions of cars to U.S. drivers, it actually has a fairly extensive range of individual models that can meet the needs of all different kinds of owners.

  • The compelling Mercedes-Benz SUV lineup comprises capable performers with premium comfort and adventure-friendly spirits. The Mercedes-Benz GLA is the starting point with standout styling and technology in a compact urban explorer that can keep up with your busy days without breaking a sweat. Upsize your adventures with the increasing size and strength in the GLB, GLC, GLE, and flagship GLS trims, while the iconic G-Class is at your service with a combination of incredible luxury and capability that’s like nothing else on the road — or off.
  • The core models of the Mercedes-Benz car family include sport sedans, coupes, four-door coupes, and even a few station wagons, all backed by the brand’s inimitable approach to superior motoring. Some of our favorites are the compact A-Class, the popular C-Class, and the E- and S-Class models that can be configured as midsize and full-size flagships, respectively.
  • Mercedes-Benz SL-Class roadsters deliver dynamic drop-top thrills that can be complemented by a rewarding application of the brand’s best features — like AIRSCARF neck-level heating for cold-weather convertible action.
  • Mercedes-Benz partners with its AMG® motorsports division to develop high-performance versions of many of its cars and SUVs as well as dedicated Mercedes-AMG® models for supercar enthusiasts.
  • Rare and refined, Mercedes-Maybach vehicles are highlighted by ultra-lux editions of the S-Class sedan and GLS SUV.


Henry Ford may be the founding father of the modern auto industry, but Karl Benz is the founding father of the modern auto itself. Benz’ Patent Motorwagen started putting the world in motion back in 1886. For our purposes, that tiller-steered three-wheel vehicle also marks the first step toward the founding of Daimler-Benz, which was the original name of the company that sold Mercedes-Benz cars. (The “Mercedes” name was used to avoid confusion with other Daimler-Benz products of the time.) The first vehicles sold under the Mercedes brand were launched in 1901, and — backed by noteworthy motorsports achievements — quickly attracted well-heeled customers from not only Germany, but also the United States.

The modern chapters of the Mercedes-Benz story open after World War II, when the company began updating its vehicles for a new generation of drivers. A great example was the legendary 1954 300SL “Gullwing” sports car with doors that opened upwards like — obviously — a gull’s wings. The range-topping S-Class sedan debuted in the 1960s, with the brand’s first station wagon (1978) and AMG vehicles (1993) also making big impacts. Now leading the way toward an electric future with its EQ models, Mercedes-Benz continues to set the pace for premium driving.

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